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The latest news from the Joomla! Team

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181 Certified Tax Advisor – Advisory Level
182 Experts to shed key insights on integrated reporting at CA Sri Lanka webinar series
183 CA Sri Lanka grants module wise exemptions for ACCA and CIMA Students to become Chartered Accountants
184 Register for Common Pre seen Discussion - Strategic Level July 2022
185 Application for the Viva-Voce interviews for the annual convocation 2022
186 Modulewise Exemptions for ACCA & CIMA
187 CA Sri Lanka kicks off ‘CA Live’ featuring monthly talks ranging from exam success to mental well-being
188 Application Closing Date Extended
189 Help a Little Save a Life
190 Proposals from CA Sri Lanka to Help Revive Sri Lanka’s Economy
191 CA Sri Lanka, ICAEW set sight on producing more Chartered Accountants to power businesses
192 Applications Now Accepted For Corporate & Strategic Level Examination - July 2022
193 Business Communication II (CS2) Examination -July 2022
194 Business Communication I Examination (CS1) – July 2022 1. Exam Date
195 Applications Now Accepted For Business Level I & II Examinations - June 2022
196 CA Sri Lanka submits wide-ranging proposals to finance ministry to help revive economy
197 CA Sri Lanka’s YCAF donates essential equipment to Lady Ridgeway Hospital
198 Mock Examinations for Corporate and Strategic Level 2022
199 CA Sri Lanka inspires entrepreneurs and professionals in the south on how to navigate through challenges of the future
200 Business Level - II & Business Communication - I Examinations in April 2022