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Logo Company Name Job Title Job Ref. Number Published Date Closing Date
Chesmi Consolidated (Pvt) Ltd Accounts Assistant JRN_1058 2018-02-23 2018-03-02
Panasian Power PLC Vacancy for Accounts Executive JRN_1059 2018-02-23 2018-03-02
Goodhope Assistant Manager - Financial Reporting JRN_1057 2018-02-22 2018-03-01
Nihal Hettiarachchi & Co Accounts Trainees JRN_1056 2018-02-20 2018-03-02
Mel-Bern Audit Trainees and Audit Executives JRN_1054 2018-02-19 2018-03-02
Kreston M N S & Co. Audit Juniors JRN_1055 2018-02-19 2018-03-02
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka Consultant in Financial Report Writing Required JRN_1043 2018-02-08 2018-02-28
Disclaimer : All vacancies listed above has been sent to the Job Bank by the relevant company/companies, and therefore should not be considered as an endorsement by CA Sri Lanka.