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තේමාව/යොමු අංකය වර්ගය අනුව තෝරන්න
Logo Company Name රැකියා තේමාව රැකියා යොමු අංකය ප්‍රකාශිත දිනය අවසන් දිනය
Central Finance Company PLC Assistant Manager / Executive - IT Audit JRN_2287 2023-09-15 2024-09-28
IPD COLOMBO (PVT) LTD Finance Intern JRN_2290 2023-09-15 2024-09-28
Ceylinco General insurance LTD Internal Audit Executives JRN_2284 2023-09-08 2024-08-21
Ceylinco General insurance LTD Financial Services Assistant JRN_2285 2023-09-08 2024-09-21
Dilma Group Colombo Group Marketing Manager JRN_2261 2023-08-16 2024-08-30
Kreston Sri Lanka Senior Audit Associates - External Audit / Audit Associates - External Audit JRN_2263 2023-08-16 2024-08-30
RICHARDSON Intern - Risk & Compliance JRN_2245 2023-08-03 2024-08-17
MCB Bank for Life SENIOR OFFICER / OFFICER - INTERNAL AUDIT JRN_2185 2023-05-19 2024-06-01
INFOMATE Assistant Manager / Finance & Accounting JRN_2151 2023-04-17 2024-04-30
Disclaimer : All vacancies listed above has been sent to the Job Bank by the relevant company/companies, and therefore should not be considered as an endorsement by CA Sri Lanka.