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The latest news from the Joomla! Team

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141 Applications Now Accepted for Physical Exam-01
142 CA Sri Lanka continues to cultivate soft skills of aspiring Chartered Accountants through virtual programmes
143 Head of global accounting body and Blue Planet prize laureate to inaugurate CAPA and CA Sri Lanka assembly on Wednesday
144 20th CAPA Conference and 42nd National Conference of CA Sri Lanka powered by top brands and corporates
145 CA Sri Lanka and CFA Society focuses on effectiveness of independent directors in ensuring good governance
146 Finance Professionals role in promoting SDGs and ESG principles to take centre stage at the largest joint accounting assembly
147 SL5 – Integrated Case Study Assignment -01
148 Revised Examination Dates for 2021 Year End Exams -01
149 Compulsory Professional Skills requirements for SL5 Examination in December 2021
150 Online Study Packs
151 CA Sri Lanka to host 20th CAPA Conference and 42nd National Conference in Colombo
152 Notice - Extension of application closing date for Business Level I and II
153 Notice - Extension of application closing date for CS 1 Examination
154 Notice SL1 & SL2 Special Exam Open to All Students
155 CA Sri Lanka, CFA Society encourage corporates to embrace environmental and social responsibility by adopting ESG
156 Special Notice - Business Communication - I (CS-1) Examination - September 2021
157 Special Notice - Business Level I and II Examination -September
158 Special Virtual Examination for Advance Business Reporting (SL1) and Corporate Finance and Risk Management (SL2)
159 CA Sri Lanka’s prestigious Annual Report Awards makes a comeback this year
160 CA Sri Lanka’s CEOs Forum plays nexus role to bridge gap between government and business community