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The latest news from the Joomla! Team

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21 CA Sri Lanka takes lead to unite local accountancy bodies to help address COVID-19 challenges and way forward
22 Over 10,000 students sit for CA Sri Lanka’s Business Level examinations
23 CA Sri Lanka Examination Schedule 2020
24 CA Sri Lanka instills vital soft skills among passed finalists at 2-day workshop
25 CA Sri Lanka Examination Schedule
26 Postponement of the Business Level I & II Examination
27 Business Level I & II Special Online Mock Exam
28 Notice for CA Students of Business Level 1
29 Corporate and Strategic Level Examination - October 2020
30 CA Sri Lanka Examinations 2020
31 Availability of Study Pack of Corporate Level and Strategic Level
32 Business Level Revision kits in all three languages are now available at CA website.
33 New Dates For CA Sri Lanka Examinations
34 Buisness Level, Corporate Level and Strategic Level Examinations - 2020
35 CA Sri Lanka offers a range of tech-savvy services to students amidst COVID-19
36 COVID-19 Pandemic: FAQs and related guidance when carrying out audits based on Sri Lanka Auditing Standard for the Audits of Non – Specified Business Enterprises
37 CA Sri Lanka signs MoU with People’s Bank for special COVID-19 loan scheme for members
39 Corporate Disclosure Guidance Note on Disclosure to be Made on the Impact of COVID-19
40 CA Sri Lanka steps up to help Chartered Accountants navigate through COVID-19 challenges