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The latest news from the Joomla! Team

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141 Guidance Sessions for the Corporate and Strategic Level Exams
142 Amendments to the Inland Revenue Act and Value Added Tax Act
143 Application Closing Date Extended for Corporate and Strategic Level Examinations -July 2021
144 Are you facing Transfer Pricing challenges?
145 New Code of Ethics 2020 Applicable for CA Sri Lanka Exams
146 Special Guidance Session on Action Verbs and Open Book Examinations
147 Guidance Session - BL 7 Business Taxation (Curriculum 2020)
148 CA students excel at multiple CA Sri Lanka exams winning top merit and subject prizes
149 Calling of applications for Corporate & Strategic level exam
150 Notice- SL5 Assignment June 2021
151 Notice - Survey(Laptop-Loan Facility)
152 Guidance Session on BL 7 – Business Taxation Course Unit IT (CURRICULUM 2020)
153 CA Sri Lanka Business Level Examination - June 2021 (Online) Application Closing Date Extended
154 Business Communication 1 April Examination Results
155 75 CA Sri Lanka scholarships to the highest achievers of the 2020 GCE Advanced Level exam
156 Step into a successful future as a CA Sri Lanka qualified Chartered Accountant
157 Criteria For Awarding of Prizes for Professional Knowledge Examinations of CA Sri Lanka
158 Applications Accepted For Business Communication 2 (CS2) - May 2021 (Virtual)
159 Applications Accepted For Business Level Examination - June 2021 (Virtual)
160 Business Level I and II June 2021