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The latest news from the Joomla! Team

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1 Aptitude Test – 2024 May
2 CA Sri Lanka Holiday Notice
3 Application for Business Communication II (CS2) – June 2024
4 Application for Business Communication I (CS1) – June 2024
5 CA Sri Lanka champions high-quality management with SLSQM among Chartered Accountants
6 CA Sri Lanka's 'The Hub' magazine takes flight in the Middle East to help build economic bridges
7 Applicability of SLFRS S1 & S2 for CA Sri Lanka Examinations
8 Corporate and Strategic Level Examination - June 2024
9 Application for Business Communication I/II - On demand Exam - April 2024
10 CA Sri Lanka helps individuals and businesses navigate through latest tax changes
11 CSE bell ringing heralds the launch of CA Sri Lanka’s TAGS Compliance Badge
12 CA Sri Lanka’s SAB Campus launches country’s first-ever association dedicated to business analytics
13 CA Sri Lanka Aptitude Test - April 2024
14 CA Sri Lanka Members Chandrika Muhandiramge and Ranjani Joseph clinch top regional awards
15 Professional Practice Management - April 2024 - Application
16 Business Level - On demand examination - April 2024
17 CA Sri Lanka forum unites experts to explore solutions and debate challenges on SOE restructuring
18 SL5 Application - Assignment [March 2024]
19 30 CA Sri Lanka students win prestigious ICAEW Scholarships, opening their path to dual membership
20 CA Sri Lanka's new President Heshana Kuruppu unveils visionary roadmap for the next two years