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The latest news from the Joomla! Team

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# கட்டுரைத் தலைப்பு ஆசிரியர் அடிப்புகள்
241 Buisness Level, Corporate Level and Strategic Level Examinations - 2020 Basura Rathnayake 40982
242 CA Sri Lanka offers a range of tech-savvy services to students amidst COVID-19 Basura Rathnayake 35911
243 COVID-19 Pandemic: FAQs and related guidance when carrying out audits based on Sri Lanka Auditing Standard for the Audits of Non – Specified Business Enterprises Basura Rathnayake 36344
244 CA Sri Lanka signs MoU with People’s Bank for special COVID-19 loan scheme for members Basura Rathnayake 37141
246 Corporate Disclosure Guidance Note on Disclosure to be Made on the Impact of COVID-19 Basura Rathnayake 37569
247 CA Sri Lanka steps up to help Chartered Accountants navigate through COVID-19 challenges Basura Rathnayake 36225
248 Notice on Corporate and Strategic Level Examination Basura Rathnayake 38981
249 Important Notice to all CA Sri Lanka Students on the Reopening of the Institute Basura Rathnayake 38136
250 Challenge Accepted: Member Support Helpline Navigating through COVID-19 Basura Rathnayake 37014
251 Registrations now open for Business Level 1 & 2 Online Mock Examination Basura Rathnayake 48172
252 Application closing date for Corporate and Strategic level examination extended beyond 24th April 2020 Basura Rathnayake 38835
253 COVID-19 Pandemic: Guidance Notes on the Implications on Auditing Basura Rathnayake 42808
254 CA Sri Lanka Online MOCK Examination Basura Rathnayake 63789
255 Recent VAT notice issued by the Department of Inland Revenue in relation to COVID-19 Basura Rathnayake 39184
256 CA Sri Lanka – COVID 19 Interim Action Plan Basura Rathnayake 36836
257 Application Guidance for COVID-19 Pandemic: The Implications on Financial Reporting Basura Rathnayake 47739
258 Recent Notices of IRD in Connection with COVID-19 Basura Rathnayake 38214
259 Exploring critical areas to assist members and all stakeholders during COVID-19 and its aftermath Basura Rathnayake 36337
260 Notice on Business Communication 1 (CS 1) Examination Basura Rathnayake 40139
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