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The latest news from the Joomla! Team

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# கட்டுரைத் தலைப்பு ஆசிரியர் அடிப்புகள்
181 CA Sri Lanka’s 41st National Conference navigating through shattered norms embracing ‘Abnormal’ Basura Rathnayake 27897
182 Save the Date 41st National Conference of Chartered Accountants Basura Rathnayake 27075
183 CA Sri Lanka continues to champion companies to adopt integrated reporting Basura Rathnayake 25864
184 Have you successfully completed all the Execute Level Modules and one-year training? Basura Rathnayake 27058
185 Obtain your CBA Qualification Basura Rathnayake 27366
186 December 2020 Examination of Business Level II under Curriculum 2020 Basura Rathnayake 28480
187 Medium of Assessment of Business Level II under Curriculum 2020 (Sinhala/Tamil/English) Basura Rathnayake 26702
188 CA Sri Lanka takes lead to unite local accountancy bodies to help address COVID-19 challenges and way forward Basura Rathnayake 26157
189 Over 10,000 students sit for CA Sri Lanka’s Business Level examinations Basura Rathnayake 27865
190 Feeling Burdened By The Late Penalty Fee Basura Rathnayake 35670
191 CA Sri Lanka Examination Schedule 2020 Basura Rathnayake 34351
192 CA Sri Lanka instills vital soft skills among passed finalists at 2-day workshop Basura Rathnayake 29257
193 CA Sri Lanka Examination Schedule Basura Rathnayake 34594
194 Postponement of the Business Level I & II Examination Basura Rathnayake 34448
195 Business Level I & II Special Online Mock Exam Basura Rathnayake 37495
196 Notice for CA Students of Business Level 1 Basura Rathnayake 35959
197 Corporate and Strategic Level Examination - October 2020 Basura Rathnayake 33839
198 CA Sri Lanka Examinations 2020 Basura Rathnayake 36588
199 Business Level Revision kits in all three languages are now available at CA website. Basura Rathnayake 37019
200 Availability of Study Pack of Corporate Level and Strategic Level Basura Rathnayake 38466
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