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The latest news from the Joomla! Team

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81 Application Closing Date Extended - Business Level I-II & Business Communication I (CS I) vajira viraj 13439
82 Business Level - On demand examination - August 2023 vajira viraj 15827
83 CA Sri Lanka’s Galle Regional Conference sparks curiosity and spirit of exploration as it ventures to explore beyond boundaries vajira viraj 11855
84 CS1 Closing Date Extend Notice vajira viraj 13472
85 Business Level I/II - Sep 2023 Application closing date extend vajira viraj 15702
86 CA Sri Lanka’s 44th National Conference of Chartered Accountants to revolve around “Beyond the Perfect Storm: Seize the Opportunity” vajira viraj 13080
87 CA Sri Lanka’s SAB Campus launches Business Analytics Degree and MBA vajira viraj 12466
88 CSR Gammedda Pure Water Roshan Ruvendra 15065
89 Closing date for IT Courses (Skill Pillar) vajira viraj 13504
90 Business Level I & II Examinations – September 2023 vajira viraj 16567
91 Business Communication II (CS2) Examination – September 2023 vajira viraj 14831
92 Business Communication - 1 (CS1) Exam - September 2023 vajira viraj 14291
93 CA Sri Lanka’s 2nd Tax Symposium focuses on macroeconomics, IMF proposals, and the way forward vajira viraj 14120
94 CA Sri Lanka signs MoU with ISACA Chapter for third consecutive time vajira viraj 13046
95 Fintech, Economic crisis and way forward organized by ISACA Sri Lanka Chapter and CA Sri Lanka vajira viraj 13000
96 CA Sri Lanka forum examines the viability and impact of debt restructuring with industry experts vajira viraj 12861
97 Paper based on-demand examination for CS1/CS2 - July 2023 vajira viraj 14404
98 Survey on students’ perception on English medium examinations at Business vajira viraj 13233
99 CA Sri Lanka Aptitude Test – July 2023 vajira viraj 15092
100 CA Sri Lanka launches new code of conduct and ethics for mid-level accountants, highlighting value of high professional standards vajira viraj 12589