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The latest news from the Joomla! Team

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81 Applications Now Accepted For Corporate & Strategic Level Examination - July 2022 Sarujan Sivanesan 17832
82 Business Communication II (CS2) Examination -July 2022 Sarujan Sivanesan 15920
83 Business Communication I Examination (CS1) – July 2022 1. Exam Date Sarujan Sivanesan 15965
84 Applications Now Accepted For Business Level I & II Examinations - June 2022 Sarujan Sivanesan 18264
85 CA Sri Lanka submits wide-ranging proposals to finance ministry to help revive economy Sarujan Sivanesan 12923
86 CA Sri Lanka’s YCAF donates essential equipment to Lady Ridgeway Hospital Sarujan Sivanesan 12998
87 Mock Examinations for Corporate and Strategic Level 2022 Sarujan Sivanesan 15873
88 CA Sri Lanka inspires entrepreneurs and professionals in the south on how to navigate through challenges of the future Sarujan Sivanesan 13038
89 Business Level - II & Business Communication - I Examinations in April 2022 Sarujan Sivanesan 15536
90 CA Sri Lanka launches online directory of board-ready female members to bridge gender gap Sarujan Sivanesan 14611
91 Rescheduled Examination Dates Sarujan Sivanesan 17410
92 CA Sri Lanka launches inaugural Tax Journal featuring contemporary and insightful reading Sarujan Sivanesan 14779
93 CA Sri Lanka and Wayamba University collaborate to advance accounting education Sarujan Sivanesan 14699
94 CA Sri Lanka launches exclusive global credential for finance professionals to fight fraud Sarujan Sivanesan 15354
95 CA Sri Lanka kicks off inaugural regional conference in Galle Sarujan Sivanesan 16185
96 Top officials from ICAEW and Deakin University to visit CA Sri Lanka Sarujan Sivanesan 15275
97 CA Sri Lanka partners with People’s Bank to boost entrepreneurs and SMEs Sarujan Sivanesan 15674
98 CA Sri Lanka’s Corporate, Strategic and Case Study Exams attract over 3900 students locally and overseas Sarujan Sivanesan 16297
99 CA Sri Lanka’s prestigious Annual Report Awards rebranded as TAGS Awards Sarujan Sivanesan 15835
100 SL5 - Integrated Case Study Assignment Sarujan Sivanesan 18211