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The latest news from the Joomla! Team

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201 16 Sri Lankan companies excel at SAFA Best Presented Annual Report Awards hosted by CA Sri Lanka Basura Rathnayake 30536
202 Business Communication I (CS1) Online Examination - January 2021 Basura Rathnayake 37774
203 Business Communication 1 (CS1) Examination Basura Rathnayake 35877
204 CA Sri Lanka to transform SME business owners into successful entrepreneurs through mentoring programme Basura Rathnayake 33332
205 Strategic Level Online Examination: Criteria For Corporate Taxation (SL3) Question Paper on 20th December 2020 Basura Rathnayake 33770
206 Business Communication 1 (CS1) Online Mock Examination Basura Rathnayake 38390
207 CA Sri Lanka’s BSc. Degree Graduates can fast-track their way to become Chartered Accountants by completing only the final level Basura Rathnayake 34689
208 Business Level I and II Examinations Basura Rathnayake 37771
209 CA Sri Lanka Mock Exam Webinar Series Basura Rathnayake 38338
210 Corporate and Strategic Level Online Examination - Decmeber 2020 Basura Rathnayake 35204
211 Business Level I & II Webinars Now Available On YouTube Basura Rathnayake 36656
212 CA Sri Lanka Past President Arjuna Herath earns high praise from outgoing global accounting chief Basura Rathnayake 31949
213 CA Sri Lanka, SDB sign landmark MoU to offer SMEs better access to finance Basura Rathnayake 32046
214 CA SRI LANKA BUDGET SEMINAR Basura Rathnayake 32826
215 Business Level I and II Examinations Basura Rathnayake 34506
216 Business Communication 1 (CS1) AND Business Communication 2 (CS2) Examinations Basura Rathnayake 37330
217 Business Level I and II Examination December 2020 Basura Rathnayake 35141
218 Business Level I and II Examination December 2020 Basura Rathnayake 34243
219 Registration Closing Date Extended for Corporate and Strategic Level Repeat Online Mock Examination – November 2020 Basura Rathnayake 33688
220 The Preferred Destination for Accounting Education Basura Rathnayake 33664