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The latest news from the Joomla! Team

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141 Corporate & Strategic Level Examination To Be Held On 27th & 28th of February and 06th & 07th of March 2021 Basura Rathnayake 25788
142 CA Sri Lanka’s public seminar on personal tax obligations attracts over 700 participants Basura Rathnayake 23424
143 CA Sri Lanka kicks off mentoring programme in Kandy Basura Rathnayake 23824
144 Corporate and Strategic Level Online Examination - December 2020 Suspension of Exam Results Basura Rathnayake 26332
145 Business Level I & II Examinations - March 2021 Basura Rathnayake 34665
146 SL5 - Integrated Case Study Assignment - March 2021 Basura Rathnayake 28305
147 Business Level Examination - March 2021 Basura Rathnayake 30013
148 Corporate and Strategic Level Examination - February 2021 Basura Rathnayake 28259
149 Corporate and Strategic Level Examinations - February 2021 Basura Rathnayake 30079
150 CA Sri Lanka’s 41st National Conference spotlights Chartered Accountants key role in spurring robust growth amidst COVID Basura Rathnayake 24448
151 CA Sri Lanka’s 41st National Conference of Chartered Accountants ceremoniously inaugurated by State Minister Ajith Nivard Cabraal Basura Rathnayake 24011
152 CA Sri Lanka’s 41st National Conference goes virtual with an exciting line up of speakers and panelists Basura Rathnayake 27507
153 CA Sri Lanka has waived off the penalty fee for student membership renewalip renewal Basura Rathnayake 25864
154 CA Sri Lanka’s Annual Report Awards set to make a grand comeback this year Basura Rathnayake 24130
155 Notice To Candidates Who Applied For The CS2 Examination On 23rd January Business Communication 2 (CS2) Online Mock Examination Basura Rathnayake 27077
156 Strategic Level Examination - February 2021 Corporate Taxation (SL3) Question Paper Basura Rathnayake 26835
157 16 Sri Lankan companies excel at SAFA Best Presented Annual Report Awards hosted by CA Sri Lanka Basura Rathnayake 23931
158 Business Communication I (CS1) Online Examination - January 2021 Basura Rathnayake 30422
159 Business Communication 1 (CS1) Examination Basura Rathnayake 29106
160 CA Sri Lanka to transform SME business owners into successful entrepreneurs through mentoring programme Basura Rathnayake 26695