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The latest news from the Joomla! Team

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101 35th International CA Students' Conference 2021 Tharuka Udayanga 16461
102 CA Sri Lanka fast tracks release of Business Level exam results(Impressive percentage of students obtain over 80% and 90% marks at the June/July exam) Tharuka Udayanga 16134
103 CA Sri Lanka builds capacity and technical knowledge of Maldivian accountants and auditors Tharuka Udayanga 16092
104 CA Sri Lanka’s skill development programme for aspiring professional accountants go virtual Tharuka Udayanga 16168
105 CA Sri Lanka’s business level virtual exam attracts over 2000 candidates Tharuka Udayanga 16588
106 CA Sri Lanka empowers aspiring Chartered Accountants with laptop loans Tharuka Udayanga 18384
107 Special Guidance Session on SL4 Strategic Management & Leadership under Curriculum 2020 Tharuka Udayanga 18136
108 Enjoy a lucrative career and endless success as a CA Sri Lanka Certified Tax Advisor Tharuka Udayanga 18076
109 CA Sri Lanka Exam Focused Webinars Tharuka Udayanga 20593
110 Supplements Developed on Amendments to Accounting Standards and Auditing Standards Tharuka Udayanga 18467
111 Guidance Sessions for the Corporate and Strategic Level Exams Tharuka Udayanga 20755
112 Amendments to the Inland Revenue Act and Value Added Tax Act Tharuka Udayanga 18534
113 Application Closing Date Extended for Corporate and Strategic Level Examinations -July 2021 Tharuka Udayanga 20316
114 Are you facing Transfer Pricing challenges? Tharuka Udayanga 23923
115 New Code of Ethics 2020 Applicable for CA Sri Lanka Exams Tharuka Udayanga 19354
116 Special Guidance Session on Action Verbs and Open Book Examinations Tharuka Udayanga 19566
117 Guidance Session - BL 7 Business Taxation (Curriculum 2020) Basura Rathnayake 19214
118 CA students excel at multiple CA Sri Lanka exams winning top merit and subject prizes Tharuka Udayanga 19268
119 Calling of applications for Corporate & Strategic level exam Tharuka Udayanga 22168
120 Notice- SL5 Assignment June 2021 Tharuka Udayanga 21572