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The latest news from the Joomla! Team

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1 CA Sri Lanka helps Accountants embrace tech with a versatile advanced data analytics certificate course Sarujan Sivanesan 57
2 Certified Tax Advisor New Intake for 2023 will commence from 5th December 2022 Sarujan Sivanesan 70
3 Former cricket captain Roshan Mahanama speaks of ‘Leading a Life with Values’ at CA Sri Lanka’s YCAF Knowledge Forum Sarujan Sivanesan 798
4 CA Sri Lanka’s annual budget seminar focuses on recovery of economy Sarujan Sivanesan 1215
5 CA Sri Lanka’s Business Level exam in October records 75% pass rate Sarujan Sivanesan 1586
6 CA Sri Lanka Kandy branch gets new look with enhanced facilities for Chartered Accountants and students Sarujan Sivanesan 1870
7 Applications Now Accepted for Business Level I & II Examinations - December 2022 Sarujan Sivanesan 11284
8 Applications Now Accepted for Business Communication - 1 (CS1) Exam - December 2022 Sarujan Sivanesan 3440
9 CA Sri Lanka attracts over 2,000 Chartered Accountants to its 43rd National Conference Sarujan Sivanesan 2829
10 CL & SL Applications Sarujan Sivanesan 10279
11 CA Sri Lanka inducts three highly respected Chartered Accountants to the 2022 Hall of Fame Sarujan Sivanesan 2852
12 Three Chartered Accountants awarded Best Entrepreneur, Best CFO and Rising CFO at CA Sri Lanka awards Sarujan Sivanesan 2975
13 Mock Examinations for Corporate & Strategic Level – November 2022 Sarujan Sivanesan 3387
14 43rd National Conference of Chartered Accountants inaugurates as CA Sri Lanka takes ambitious lead to transform self, society, corporate and country Sarujan Sivanesan 3302
15 Over 15 top corporates onboard to power CA Sri Lanka 43rd National Conference Sarujan Sivanesan 3109
16 Over 300 new Chartered Accountants receive membership from CA Sri Lanka to drive the corporate world Sarujan Sivanesan 2800
17 Houseful CA Sri Lanka CEOs Forum focuses on economic recovery and debt sustainability Sarujan Sivanesan 2774
18 Financial professionals in Sri Lanka set to benefit from ACCA, CA Sri Lanka mutual recognition agreement Sarujan Sivanesan 3285
19 CL & SL Exam Application Sarujan Sivanesan 6067
20 Library Open Hours Sarujan Sivanesan 3366