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School of Taxation

The Tax Faculty was established in 1995 to assist Members, particularly those in practice to further their knowledge in Taxation, to share their constructive suggestions towards the enhancement and implementation of tax legislation.

The faculty conducts various courses targeted at Professionals and Practitioners to further their knowledge in the subject.

The Tax Faculty also organises various events hosted by eminent professionals to share knowledge on subjects related to taxation including an annual tax oration where eminent people involved in public finance are invited to deliver the oration.

School of Taxation

Driven by the vision to provide educational services of higher quality, the School of Taxation which comes under the purview of the Tax Faculty enriches its students with the choice of receiving an overview of the Tax framework in Sri Lanka as well as to further their knowledge in Taxation. It aspires to fabricate internationally recognized professionals geared to face the demands of the industry and contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.

The School of Taxation is most relevant in today’s context. The school molds resourceful professionals who have received vital knowledge in Taxation, helping them to apply their knowledge to real life.  With the training and guidance from the School of Taxation, these professionals seek to go beyond accounting and utilize their skills to offer analysis, assessment support, provide forecasts and measure risks.