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21-year old Prasadika Madubashini Jayasuriya triumphs at CA Sri Lanka’s CAB II examination

Determination and dedication has brought success to 21-year old Prasadika Madubashini Jayasuriya at the recently concluded CAB II examination conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka).

Madubashini who was adjudged First in Order of Merit at the CAB II September 2012 examination, stressed that she decided to join CA Sri Lanka’s world renowned chartered accounting course, due to its unparalleled standing in the accounting world, in comparison to many other foreign accounting qualifications.

A former student of Devi Balika, Madubashini obtained 3As respectively for accounting, econ and business studies and was ranked 12th place all island in the Advanced Level Examination.

“During the late years of my school life, I took a liking to accounting, and so decided to study the chartered accounting course offered at CA Sri Lanka,” she said, while adding that even though there were many other popular accounting courses offered in the country, nothing compared to the standing and recognition of a chartered accountant, which was why she decided to pursue her studies at the Institute.

Contrary to beliefs that the chartered accounting course is extremely difficult, Madubashini stressed that nothing good comes easy, and like in any other study programme, students have to study hard if they are to obtain good marks.

“If you are dedicated and determined, and prepared to study, anyone can obtain good results and become globally renowned chartered accountants,” Madubashini added.

Apart from her recent success at the CAB II exams, she was also awarded the Subject Prize for Fundamentals of Management Accounting and Business Finance and Accounting Applications and Taxation, while in 2011 she was adjudged the First in Order of Merit prize in the CAB I level examination (September) of the Institute.

While expressing surprise at being ranked first in the CAB II exams, she said, “I never expected to be the first at the exam, but I was determined to study hard and achieve good results at the exam. I didn’t miss out on any lectures and I scrutinized the study pack well given to us by the Institute,” she noted.

While expressing her contentment in her chosen career field, Madubashini noted that her future ambition was to complete her academic and professional studies and be a fully qualified chartered accountant in the near future.

Chartered accountants play a major role in most of the large companies in Sri Lanka with approximately 60 percent from the top 50 companies listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange having at least one member from CA Sri Lanka in their Board.

From the 4200 CA Sri Lanka members, a total of 74 percent are based in Sri Lanka while the balance 26 percent is based overseas, employed in various continents covering Australia, South Asia, South East Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and the Americas.