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BSc (Applied Accounting) Degree offered by SAB Campus – Syllabus 2020

Exemptions from Curriculum 2020

Course units to be completed in Curriculum 2020

Business Level

BL1 – Financial Accounting
BL2 – Business Mathematics and Statistics
BL3 – Business Law
BL4 – Business Environment and Economics
BL5 – Audit, Business Processes & Digitalisation
BL6 – Management Accounting
BL7 – Business Taxation
BL8 – Digital Business Strategy

Corporate Level

CL1 – Advanced Audit and Assurance
CL2 – Financial Reporting and Governance
CL3 – Advanced Management Accounting
CL4 – Corporate Law

Professional Skills course units

CS1 – Business Communication l
CS2 – Business Communication ll
CS3 – Corporate Communication
IT1 – Business Information Technology
IT2 – Corporate Information Technology

Strategic Level

All the professional knowledge course units

Professional Skills course units

Strategic Level

Professional experience

During the SAB internship, if SAB undergraduates are followed the CA Sri Lanka Professional Experience under a CA Sri Lanka Approved training organization and adhere to the guidelines defined by registering with CA Sri Lanka, such training is recognized for CA Sri Lanka as well as SAB Campus.