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Increase your global demand as a corporate accountant with six new specializations from CA Sri Lanka

Amidst increasing competition in the corporate world and the changing dynamics of the accounting profession, the country’s preferred destination for accounting education, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka) has once again taken the lead to launch a landmark initiative aimed at further enhancing the profile of corporate accountants by introducing six new specializations.

The six new specializations that were introduced in the CA Sri Lanka Curriculum 2020 cover a range of pertinent areas, which are in demand not just locally but also globally. The specializations are data analytics, actuarial science, governance risk & controls, entrepreneurship, finance and taxation, and aims to produce corporate accountants who are willing to go beyond the traditional functions of accounting and finance and be both contemporary and futuristic accounting professionals.

In the midst of the fourth industrial revolution and in an era where the abacus and calculator have been overtaken by automation, artificial intelligence, block chain and data, the specializations offered by CA Sri Lanka for corporate accountants will also help them increase their demand, not just in the local job market, but will also allow them to enhance their global mobility due to the contemporary specializations.

The specialization option is offered for students who successfully complete the Certified Corporate Accountant (CCA) qualification, which is an early exit route of the globally recognised CA Sri Lanka programme.

Students who obtain the CCA qualification along with the relevant knowledge, skills, and training can apply to follow the specialization and be a CCA in Data Analytics, CCA in Actuarial Science, CCA in Governance, Risks, and Controls, CCA in Entrepreneurship, CCA in Finance, and or a CCA in Taxation.

An important feature of the CCA qualification of CA Sri Lanka is that it is comparable to Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) Level 6, which is a Bachelor’s Degree standard, as per UK ENIC which is the UK National Information Centre for the recognition and evaluation of international qualifications and skills.

Meanwhile to further support the students' ability to successfully obtain the specialization, CA Sri Lanka has also put in place a series of facilities ranging from offering reading material at the Institute’s library as well as via its e-library and is also offering a range of course contents and pilot papers on the CA Sri Lanka website. The CA Sri Lanka IT Training Division and the Business School will also launch several short courses this month, which will immensely benefit CCAs who wish to obtain a specialization as a corporate accountant.

The inaugural exams for the specialization component in the CA Sri Lanka Curriculum will be held for the first time in August 2022. Students who obtain the specialization will be conferred with certificates at the annual convocation of CA Sri Lanka.

The CA Sri Lanka programme is offered at three ascending levels, and at each level, the student receives a recognised qualification which guarantees employability. Students who follow the CA program have the option of completing the Business Level and exiting as a Certified Business Accountant (CBA) or exit as a Certified Corporate Accountant (CCA) after completing the Corporate Level, or as a Chartered Accountant (ACA) after completing the final level, which is the Strategic Level. The ACA qualification offered by CA Sri Lanka has been compared to RQF Level 7, which is comparable to a Master’s Degree by UK ENIC.

Students with a minimum of three simple passes at the GCE Advanced Level exam can register for the globally recognised CA Sri Lanka programme, including on pending results.

Please visit www.casrilanka.com for more information or call the CA Sri Lanka student hotline on 070 400 2 999.