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CA Sri Lanka produces 318 new Chartered Accountants to steer the corporate world

294 members conferred with the prestigious Fellow status at Annual Convocation

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka) on Thursday conferred the distinguished Associate Chartered Accountants (ACA) designation to 318 new Chartered Accountants, who will now utilize their unique and versatile skills to steer the dynamic corporate world.

The new Associate Chartered Accountants received their membership at the annual convocation held on 02nd December 2021 under the patronage of Mr. Aslam Omar, Chairman, Phoenix Ventures Limited and a Fellow Member of CA Sri Lanka who was the Chief Guest, while Mr. Manil Jayesinghe, President, CA Sri Lanka, Mr. Sanjaya Bandara, Vice President, CA Sri Lanka, Mr. Heshana Kuruppu, Chairman, Member Relations Committee and Ms. Dulani Fernando, Chief Executive Officer, CA Sri Lanka also graced the occasion at BMICH.

At the convocation, 294 existing Associate members of CA Sri Lanka, were conferred the prestigious Fellow Chartered Accountant (FCA) status, elevating them to the highest stratum in their professional careers.

Mr. Omar elaborated that when the country is at an important moment of economic revival following COVID, the new Chartered Accountants are produced at a vital time. “Each one of you, in the capacity of qualified and proficient professionals has a paramount role to play in this backdrop,” he said.

He also urged the new and existing members of CA Sri Lanka to take on an active role in making a valuable contribution in their respective professional roles, combining innovation in thinking and adoption of new technologies, which will in turn contribute towards Sri Lanka’s overall economic development and sustainability.

Mr. Jayesinghe said that Chartered Accountants possessed the ability to become anything they want, including the Governor of Central Bank and or a Chief Executive Officer. “The CA Sri Lanka qualification has no limits. If you work hard, continue to upgrade your skills, and can think out of the box, the sky is indeed the limit,” he said.

Mr. Jayesinghe maintained that for Chartered Accountants, immaterial whether they are a fellow or associate member, CPD also known as Continuing Professional Development is a mandatory requirement. “Apart from the fact that CPD is a commitment to continuously improve yourself professionally, the core benefit of CPD is improving public trust, especially because we are known to play an important role in helping safeguard trust within society. Thus, CPD plays an important role as it is aimed at enhancing public confidence by continuously raising professional standards,” he said.

He also urged the new and existing Chartered Accountants to continue to evolve in the professional realm, while maintaining the integrity and ethics of the profession.

Mr. Kuruppu congratulated the new Chartered Accountants for overcoming the numerous pandemic-related challenges and obtaining membership from the prestigious Institute. “Apart from the conventional challenges, the last two years have been extremely difficult due to COVID with various hiccups along the way, where many of you including us were compelled to adapt to the new normal. So well done on overcoming the numerous pandemic related challenges and complexities,” he said.

He added that new and existing Chartered Accountants must continue their thirst for knowledge and develop themselves professionally with the assistance of the CPD programmes CA Sri Lanka offers.


INDU6092: Mr. Heshana Kuruppu, Chairman, Member Relations Committee of CA Sri Lanka delivering the welcome speech.

INDU6106: Mr. Manil Jayesinghe, President of CA Sri Lanka addressing the new Associate and Fellow members.

INDU6114: Mr. Aslam Omar, Chairman, Phoenix Ventures Limited and a Fellow Member of CA Sri Lanka who was the chief guest delivering his speech.

INDU6131: Mr. Aslam Omar conferring the ACA designation to a new Chartered Accountant.

INDU6656: Mr. Manil Jayesinghe presenting the FCA status to an existing Associate Member of CA Sri Lanka.

MAY_1476: A section of the new Associate and Fellow members.