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Enjoy a lucrative career and endless success as a CA Sri Lanka Certified Tax Advisor

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Amidst an extremely competitive work environment, both students and professionals are increasingly focusing on enhancing their knowledge and skills by embracing multiple qualifications which are considered contemporary in today’s challenging world.

The Certified Tax Advisor qualification more popularly known as CTA introduced by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka) is one such versatile qualification which guarantees unlimited professional success as well as recognition not just within the private sector but also the public sector.

A key feature of the CTA qualification offered by CA Sri Lanka is that CTAs are also recognized as an ‘Authorised Representative’ under the Inland Revenue Act, and therefore CTAs are fully qualified to represent any company, any group of companies, banks or financial institutions as well as resident and non-resident individuals on all tax matters.

For over 60 years, CA Sri Lanka has been known locally and globally for producing high quality and globally recognised accounting and finance professionals. In further extending its service towards fulfilling its vision of producing high-skilled professionals to steer the corporate world, CA Sri Lanka introduced the CTA qualification in 2011 to promote more aspiring professionals to take on a lucrative and sought after career in taxation.

Today, graduates of the CTA programme are employed at a range of organisations ranging from conglomerates, multinationals, banks, financial institutions to top tax firms.

The CTA programme is offered at three levels: Awareness Level (4 months), Advisory Level (8 months) and Application Level (6 months). The entry qualification for the Awareness Level is 3 passes at the GCE Advanced Level or Edexcel exam.

Chief Executive Officer of CA Sri Lanka, Ms. Dulani Fernando said that the CTA programme is also open to qualified professionals who are looking to enhance their professional portfolio by following a contemporary qualification which will allow them to climb up the corporate ladder faster.

Ms. Fernando noted that there is an increasing demand for CA Sri Lanka qualified CTAs in the corporate sector alone. “It’s important to highlight that none of the CTAs are unemployed or underemployed, which is testament to the recognition the qualification commands within just a span of a decade.”

The CTA programme is open to anyone without age restrictions, including students and professionals who have successfully completed their A/L exam with 3 passes (minimum simple passes). The CTA qualification is also excellent for those who wish to embark on a successful profession in taxation, or for an already seasoned professional such as a lawyer, marketer, manager or executive who is looking to enhance their knowledge on this crucial area which will contribute to their professional achievements further.

The programme covers a range of important areas including local taxes, legal principles in taxation, income tax law and computation, corporate tax, tax implications, transfer pricing, international taxation, exchange control, tax planning, tax case law as well as tax policy and the tax legislation in Sri Lanka, and is in line with internationally reputed tax courses offered overseas.

Tax professionals are recognised and respected across the local and global spectrum because of their intellectual capabilities, as well as unique in-depth analysis. A taxation career does not merely mean a job related to just number crunching, as tax professionals will have the ability to meet a diverse range of clients whose needs and requirements constantly change thereby facing new challenges always. A career in taxation is not only locally recognised but is internationally sought after, thereby opening a range of new opportunities to work overseas.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 30 June 2021 08:58