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CA students excel at multiple CA Sri Lanka exams winning top merit and subject prizes

Students of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka) who are aspiring Chartered Accountants have excelled at multiple examinations conducted by the Institute winning top prizes such as the merit and subject prizes.

At the Business Level exam held in March this year, six students won the merit prizes for Business Level I and Business Level II while a total of 11 students won subject prizes at the Business Level, which is the first level of the CA Sri Lanka programme.

Meanwhile, another nine students excelled at the Corporate and Strategic Level exams held in December 2020 and March 2021 winning some of the best subject prizes awarded at the exam.

Among the students who comfortably aced the Business Level I exam were Kanishka Bhathiya Bandara Dasanayake who won the first in order of the merit prize, followed by Ashya Nayanarangi winning the second merit prize and Hyderaly Hashidh and Maleesha Dinuruwan jointly staking claim to the third merit prize.

Under the Business Level II, Paheerathan Piravena won the first in order of the merit prize, followed by Dinuth Sashan Silva who won the second merit prize and Sanduni Gawravi Pigera won the third merit prize.

A total of eight subject prizes were also won by the high-acheving students at the Business Level exam in March. Piyumanthi Navodya Liyanaarachchi and Dulani Pabasara jointly won the Financial Accounting (BL1) prize, while Mihishan Madhushanka won the Business Mathematics and Statistics (BL2) prize and Shashini Chamodi Wariyapperuma won the Business Law (BL3) prize.

The Business Environment and Economics (BL4) prize was won by Jayan Sugandika Mendis while the Audit, Business Process and Digitalisation (BL5) prize went to Bhathiya Bandara Dasanayake and Ahmed Faisal Jiffry won the Management Accounting (BL6) prize.

The Business Taxation (BL7) prize was shared by three students, namely Erandi Anuradha, Imashi Ayodhya Budunwela and Kelum Keshan Ariyasinghe while Ajeer Mohamed Amaan won the Digital Business Strategy (BL8) prize.

At the Corporate and Strategic Level exam held in March this year, under the corporate level, Muhammed Nabeel Mehilar won the CL1 – Advanced Audit and Assurance subject prize while Chandrasegaran Shabilnath won the CL 2 – Financial Reporting & Governance subject prize and Thimira Nirmal won the CL 4 – Corporate Law subject prize.

Meanwhile, at the Corporate and Strategic Level examination held in December 2020, a total of five students won subject prizes under the Corporate Level, while one student won a subject prize for Strategic Level.

Under the Corporate Level, Chanjali Pavithra Dissanayake and Saloni Madhumaya De Silva jointly won the CL 1 – Advanced Audit and Assurance subject prize while Indusara Akensha Kaluthantri won the CL 2 – Financial Reporting & Governance prize.

Ishani Dilukshika Perera won the CL 3 – Advanced Management Accounting subject prize and Abirshanaa Nithiyanantharajah won the CL 4 – Corporate Law prize. The SL 2 - Corporate Finance and Risk Management subject prize under strategic level was won by Kasuni Chamindi Mayadunna.

Chartered Accountants produced by CA Sri Lanka are recognized as dynamic business leaders, due to their multi-faceted skills and unique business acumen which helps them lead businesses across any industry successfully.

The CA Sri Lanka programme is offered at three levels, Business Level, Corporate Level and Strategic Level along with an early exit option. Students who follow the CA program have the option of exiting as a Certified Business Accountant (CBA) after completing the Business Level or exit as a Certified Corporate Accountant (CCA) after completing the Corporate Level and as an Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA) after completing the Strategic Level, which is the final level of the professional programme. All three qualifications are recognised by the private and public sector and a large number of students who have qualified as CBA are also working overseas.

The CA Sri Lanka Curriculum empowers students with all round managerial skills, who possess the ability to play a critical role in senior management as Chairman, Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officers among other high-profile designations.

Another unique advantage for aspiring Chartered Accountants of CA Sri Lanka is the opportunity to simultaneously obtain membership from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) at the successful completion of the CA Sri Lanka programme thereby earning dual membership of both CA Sri Lanka and ICAEW which also enhances their global mobility. ICAEW is recognised the world over as one of the prestigious and respected accounting bodies.

Students with a minimum of 3 simple passes in any subject stream at the GCE Advanced Level exam can register for the globally recognised CA Sri Lanka programme by registering onlineon