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Strategic Level - Strategic Communication (CS4)

The course is designed to strengthen a student’s capacity to develop in soft skills such as negotiations, advanced business report writing, public speaking skills, personal branding & business etiquette & communicate in various situations confidently.

This is a soft skills development session in which 3 assessments will be carried out throughout the programme.

Every year just after releasing the results of a particular batch of CS3

Students should complete this course before applying for Integrated Case Study (SL5).

This programme is conducted in groups of 35.  Once the programme dates are confirmed students may select the convenient programme for them. However registration for a particular batch will be on first-come-first-served basis.

Minimum of 2 ½ months. This course is conducted in the form of a workshop with sessions in Public Speaking Skills, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Skills, Personal Branding and Business Etiquette and Advanced Business Report Writing Skills.

1 month from the date that applications were called.

Course fee – Rs. 6,000/=

Normally fees cannot be carried forward from one batch to the other.

No, students can apply for CS4 only upon successful completion of CS3.

No, students should complete all 04 modules within the same batch & cannot carry forward marks/completion from one batch to the other.