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Education Division

Activities of the Education Division

  • Curriculum Development
  • Continuous Improvements to CA Study programme
  • Developing study materials for the CA programme including writing and Publishing Study texts & practice & revision kits.
  • Maintain student data base with regard to CA education programme and certifying the students’ eligibility to sit for examinations.
  • Conduct seminars,webinars/video recordings and workshops for students
  • Liaise with private sector teaching colleges with regard to CA Education Programme.
  • Conduct Teacher Training Programmes
  • Review new exemptions
  • Conduct Carrier Guidance and Counseling programes for students

CA Study Programme

CA Study programme is consisting of following items

  1. Study Material – The Education Division publishes study packs for each level and it is mandatory for students to purchase these study packs which allows them to sit for the relevant examination.
  2. Class Room Lectures – Students have the option of attending lectures (online/physical) conducted by Registered/Accredited Learning Partners. However, this is not a mandatory requirement, and students may also choose the self-study method to prepare for the relevant examination.
  3. Seminars and Workshops – The Education & Examination Divisions conducts seminars and workshops for CA students. These seminars are based on the preparation of examinations; update the latest changes to the subject area, Case Study workshops etc. Therefore, students are advised to participate for these seminars and workshops.

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