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CA Sri Lanka launches Chartered Tax Advisor Course

CA Sri Lanka launches Chartered Tax Advisor Course
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka in yet another groundbreaking initiative launched the Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA) Course aimed at professionals and tax payers who aspire to obtain a professional qualification in Tax.

Conducted by the CA School of Taxation of the Institute, the Chartered Tax Advisor course comprises of three levels, namely the awareness Level, advisory Level and application Level and will be backed by an impressive lecture panel of 20 eminent industry experts including former commissioners of the Department of Inland Revenue, the 18 month long course.   

The primary objective of the course ensures of maintaining an educational and ethical framework of the highest standard aiming to produce tax advisers of the best quality for the general public while also increasing the understanding of tax matters by: Providing an opportunity for the tax payers to follow high quality programmes on taxation, Promoting forums for tax discussion and debate, Publishing and distributing information on tax matters and being  available for consultation by legislators, regulators and administrators of tax law and others and by producing high quality representations and responses.

The groundbreaking course which will be broken into three stages over a period of six month per each stage will cover a wide range of topics including Introduction to Tax System in Sri Lanka, Income Tax, Economic Service Charge (ESC), Value Added Tax (VAT) – Invoice Credit Method (Normal VAT), Nation Building Tax (NBT), Other Statutes (Introduction). Among the other modules covered in the CTA course is International Tax, Tax Rulings and Tax implications in selected industries in Sri Lanka.       

Armed with an ambitious mission to take public education in tax to new heights, the CA School of Taxation aspires to become a leading educational body in the field of taxation through its pursuit of sound education and excellence in the subject.

The School of Taxation also conducts several other taxation courses among which are the Taxation Course for Professionals & Practitioners and the Certificate Course in Advanced Taxation.

The objective of the Taxation Course for Professionals & Practitioners is to introduce beginners who wish to choose tax as their career path with a basic understanding of the existing tax system in order for them to lay a strong foundation in the knowledge of tax while the objective of the Certificate Course in Advanced Taxation is to offer professionals in the tax industry with thorough understanding on tax administration and case laws in Sri Lanka.