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Corporate Level - Corporate Communication (CS3)

This course has been developed to enhance further the language skills & communication skills which would be necessary to work in the corporate sector. It is designed to guide students participate in business environments confidently and communicate effectively in various situations.  The students have the choice of selecting Cambridge BEC Higher course or the Business English Local course.

Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

Corporate Communication (CS3) should be completed at Corporate Level itself before applying for any of the Professional Knowledge course units at Strategic.


For Cambridge BEC Higher normally exams are conducted in May & November while for Local Business English exams are conducted in May, August, November

All students ought to sit the exams at the institute

Students should register online only & hard copies of application forms are not accepted. All instructions how to register online are given on the CA website under Multimedia English Language Center(MELC)

1 month from the date that applications were called.

Cambridge BEC Higher Course

Registration – Rs.500/=

Course fee – Rs. 8,500/=

Exams – Rs.8,800/=

Study text can be borrowed from the CA library

Local Business English Course Registration – Rs.500/=

Course fee – Rs. 6,500/=

Exams – Rs.4,500/=

Study text can be purchased from the Institute Sales Centre for Rs. 2,000

Normally fees cannot be transferred from one batch to the other. However ONLY the course fee may be carried forward to the next immediate batch within the same year (only once) depending on each case.

Registration fee should be paid once the application is submitted. Course fee should be paid before the commencement of the course.

Both courses are of the same standard & caters to Business English needs. However the fee structure is different while Cambridge BEC Higher is a life time qualification & its certificate will be awarded by Cambridge Assessment, UK.

3 months. 50 Hours classroom learning and 25 hours online learning (LMS) – 4 hours per Week

Yes, students should maintain 80% attendance in order to sit for the final exam.

This test is optional and will be held before the commencement of the course and
those who obtain above 80% are not required to follow the course or make the course fee payment. However, they should sit the final exam of CS3 to fulfill this requirement.

At the institute

At the institute

Time table for this course can be obtained from the Multimedia English Language Centre (MELC).   Normally classes will be held on weekends and on weekday evenings. If students wish to attend on weekends they are required to attend one day covering 4 hours per week. If students wish to attend weekday classes they need to attend classes, 2 days per week covering 2 hours per day.

Yes they can. They need to send proof of employment overseas, i.e their work agreement, copy of Visa, copy of passport etc. They can submit an application and get enrolled for the programme.

No, students can apply for CS2 only upon successful completion of CS2.

CS3 programme will be conducted in blended mode.

Yes. Students who have successfully completed IELTS with a banding of 6.5 within 2 years of completion will be exempted from CS3 course.

Scholarship holders should get the relevant payments approved by CA Scholarship division to the relevant code, and then proceed to submit the application form.