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Corporate Level - Communication and People Skills (SC1)

This programme has been developed mainly to enhance the soft skills which will be of great importance to work as Chartered Accountants in the corporate world. The skills that have been mainly focused are public speaking skills, negotiation & conflict resolution skills, personal branding & business etiquette.

This is a soft skills development session with a formal assessment on an individual presentation of 2-3mins. Presentation topic will be given at the Public speaking skills training session. Preparation time will be one week.

Just after releasing the results of a particular batch of SB1.

  • Prior to the completion of the subject, Corporate Strategy & Contemporary Issues (KC5)
  • Before obtaining the qualification; Certified Senior Business Accountant (CSBA)
  • After successful completion of SBI.

This programme is conducted in groups of 30. Once the programme dates are confirmed students may select the convenient programme for them. However registration for a particular batch will be on first-come-first-served basis. This Programme consists of 4 sessions such as Public Speaking Skills Training, Public Speaking Skills Assessment, Negotiation & Conflict Resolution Skills & Personal Branding & Business Etiquette. It is mandatory to attend all 4 session to successfully complete the SCI programme.

This is a 20 hour session which will be completed in about 3 days(4 sessions) over week-ends.

Course fee :
Rs. 5500/=

Normally fees cannot be carried forward from one batch to another. Please note that in order to successfully complete the programme it is mandatory to attend all four sessions for the given time period. Therefore the students have to pay a  penalty of Rs. 1000/-  for being absent without a valid reason/ prior notice.