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Executive Level - Communication and People Skills (SE1)

This is a special course designed in the context of finance & accountancy with a main focus of developing academic skills & professional skills.

Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

Prior to progressing to the business level exams or before obtaining the Certificate of Certified Business Accountant (CBA). It’s recommended to register for this course at the same time studying of KE1, KE3 & KE5 or in the first instance.

No, it is required that this course be completed first before attempting the exams of the knowledge pillar. Students should have obtained results before applying for the exams of Business Level technical subjects.

3 intakes

It will be uploaded to the CA Sri Lanka website under student profile.

1 month from the date that applications were called.

Registration : Rs. 1000/=
Course fee : Rs. 5500/= {Payable in 2 installments - Rs. 3000 and Rs. 2500 to the teaching college}
Exam Fee : Rs. 2500/=
Study text : Rs. 2000/= (Can be purchased from the Study Pack Counter)
Revision Kit : Free of charge (Can access on the web from student’s portal)

No, Registration fee is valid only for one batch

Registration fee Rs.1000/= should be paid when the application form is submitted.

The duration of the study programme is 80 hours over a period of 4 - 5 months, 4 hours per week.

Yes, It is mandatory to complete the SE1 syllabus 100% in an effective manner as per the recommended methodology within the stipulated time frame and monitor students’ attendance regularly to take necessary action if a student gets absent more than 3 days continuously. Students need to have at least 75% attendance to be eligible to sit the final SE1 exam. Final attendance and Final Exam Eligibility should be entered to the Student Administration System before the closing date of the final exam by the respective teaching college.

This test is optional and will be held before the commencement of the course and those who would obtain 70% and above are not required to follow the course or make the course fee. However the students who obtain this exemption are required to sit the final exam of SE1.

  • CA Head Office
  • CA information centers island wide

They will be informed about the placement test via email and sms. (Students should check whether their email address & the mobile no are correct at the time of submitting the application form)

Classes are held island wide at approved teaching colleges

Class schedules can be obtained from the selected teaching college. Students can contact them to arrange the most convenient place & the time.

No, students are not permitted to change the center that they have registered for, once registration forms have been submitted online. But centers may be changed ONLY if the specific center is unable to facilitate the students.