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Business Level I - Business Communication - I (CS1)

This is a special course designed in the context of finance & accountancy with a main focus of developing academic skills & professional skills and improving students’ Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking skills in both academic and professional settings.

Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

Prior to progressing to the Business Level II. It is recommended to register for this course at the same time of studying other subjects of the  Knowledge Pillar.

No, it is required that this course be completed first before sitting the subjects of the knowledge pillar. Students should have obtained results before applying for Business Level II technical subjects.

3 intakes – Normally during the months of January, May & September

Application Forms will be uploaded to the CA Sri Lanka website under Multimedia English Language Centre (MELC), registration forms can also be collected from the Multimedia English Language Centre. Students may also register online

1 month from the date that applications are called.

Registration : Rs.500/=
Course fee : Rs. 3,500/= (Payable to particular teaching college)
Exam Fee : Rs.2500/=
Study text : Rs. 2,000/= (Can be purchased from the Study Pack Counter)
Revision Kit : Free of charge (Can access on the LMS from student’s portal)

Normally fees cannot be carried forward from one batch to the other.

Registration i.e. Rs.500/= should be paid when the application form is submitted. Course fee can be paid in 2 installments; Rs 2000/= before the commencement of the course & the balance Rs 1500/= after one month from the commencement.

3 ½ months. 55 hours classroom learning & 25 hours online learning (LMS)

Yes, students should have an 75% attendance in order to sit for the final exam.

This test is optional and will be held before the commencement of the course and those who obtain 75% and above are not required to follow the course or make the course fee. However the students who obtain this exemption are required to sit the final exam of CS1.

At CA Sri Lanka.

They will be informed about the placement test via email. (Students should check whether their email address & the mobile nos are correct at the time of submitting the application form)

Classes are held island wide at approved teaching colleges

Class schedules of the teachings colleges are uploaded on the web for more details.  Students can refer to them before registering to select the most convenient place & the time.

No, students are not permitted to change the centre that they have registered for, once registration forms have been submitted to the Multimedia English Language Centre (MELC). But centers may be changed ONLY if the specific center is unable to facilitate the students.