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Sports Ruling

General Rules

Sports Rules

1.1. Entry qualification

  1. Participating firm should be a Member firm of the Chartered Accountants Students’ Society.
  2. Any participant holding a letter of appointment and currently employed in a Member Firm of the Chartered Accountants Students’ Society (CA Students’  Society) will be eligible to participate in a sporting event organized the Chartered Accountants Students’ Society provided that he/she fulfill following two criteria:
  3. A Member Firm is entitled to nominate Students and Members of any professional accounting body who have completed at least two months (60 days) at the day of draw, in that Member Firm to participate in any sporting event organized by the CA Students’ Society, provided his/her name is submitted through a valid participation list.
  4. A Member Firm is entitled to nominate Staff of the Firm who have completed at least three months (90 days) at the day of draw, in that Member Firm, provided his/her name is submitted through a valid participation list. Such staff members should be Permanent employees of the Member Firm.
  5. However players nominated under Permanent Staff categorization (Under 1.1 d) would be limited to a maximum of one player per team.
    For Marathon and Swimming events where there are no teams involved, firms can nominate players under Permanent Staff categorization (Under 1.1d) subject to a maximum limit of twenty percent (20%) out of total number of participants submitted through a valid participation list.
    • (i.e. One player can be nominated under the Permanent Staff category (Under 1.1d) for every four players nominated under the category of Students and Members of any professional accounting body (Under 1.1C) appearing in the name list).

1.2.  Participation List

A duly completed Participation List (As per Appendix 01) printed on the respective Firm’s or Sports Club’s letterhead, should be submitted to the CA Students’ Society by 6.00 pm at the day of the draw (or anytime and date specified by the Committee at the weekly meeting prior to the event). The participation list handed over is deemed to be the final and no subsequent changes would be  allowed. The list should be endorsed by the President of the Spots Club and a Partner of the respective Firm.

1.3.  Maximum Number of Teams

A Firm/Sports Club is permitted to enter a maximum number of three (3) teams for a given sport. (With the exception of Marathon and Swimming where there are no teams involved. Further no shuffling of team members from one team to another of the same firm will be allowed.

1.4.  Maximum Number of Players
The following will be the maximum number of players permitted for a team when submitting a Participation List.

SPORT Minimum No of Players in a Team
Men's Women's
Marathon No Maximum No No Maximum No
Basket Ball 9 9
Badminton 6 5
Swimming No Maximum No No Maximum No
Table Tennis 6 5
Carrom 6 5
Football 10 -
Netball - 10
Volleyball 9 9
Cricket 9 9

* If a firm does not adhere to the above rule, the CA Students’ Society will eliminate the last names entered to fall in line with the above requirement.

1.5.  Conduct of the tournament

The tournament commencement time will be decided and notified to the firms at the time of draw. The matches will be played in the top - down order of the draw, unless any special circumstances arise. All teams are kindly requested to be present at least 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the tournament.

1.6.  Draw

The draw will be held last Wednesday before the sporting event at 6.00 pm at CA Sri Lanka premises, unless specifically mentioned to the firm representative at a weekly meeting or communicated by way of an e-mail.

1.7. Identity of players

All participants are required to present a valid proof of identity as follows:

Where the participant is a student of CA Sri Lanka/AAT/CMA/CIMA/ACCA or any other professional accounting body, the relevant body’s identification number should be placed in the participation list and such identification source/card should be brought for registration. Any participant qualifying under rule 1.1 (d) should place their NIC/ Driving License or Passport No in the participation list as proof of identity.

If a participant fails to produce the modes of identity stipulated, the CA Students’ Society reserves the right to disqualify the Player or the Team.The decision taken by the CA Students’ Society will be final. Participation list should constitute following proof of identity to be considered as valid.

  1. Where the list contains players falling under the rule 1.1 c other than Members and Students of CA Sri Lanka, photocopies of such players’ proof of identity should be attached to the participation list. (i.e. Students and Members of AAT, CMA, CIMA, ACCA or any other accounting body)
  2. Where the participation list contains players falling under the rule 1.1 d, it should be supported with a representation on the firm’s letterhead signed by a Partner of the firm.
  3. Such representation should include :
  • Name/s of the Permanent Staff member/s participating under 1.1 d
  • NIC No/s of the employee/s
  • Position/s held in the firm
  • Date/s of appointment

1.8. Points

Place Points
First 20
Second 15
Third 10
Fourth 5

* The above table will be applicable to all sports unless specifically stated in the respective sport’s rules.

Participation points: Two (02) points will be awarded per participating team in a given sport unless the team concedes a walkover in the first match to be played in the draw.

If a walkover is conceded in the 1stmatch to be played, then, rule 1.9 will be applicable. No participation points will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

1.9.  Walkover

A walkover will be awarded subsequent to a reasonable time lapse (approx 05-10 minutes) after the first call. If the walkover is conceded in the 1st match to be played by a team in the tournament, five (05) points will be reduced from the points earned by the firm. If the walkover is conceded in the subsequent matches to be played by a team in the tournament, then, an amount equal to the participation points will be reduced from the points earned by the firm.

1.10.  Referees

Independent qualified referees will be engaged to act as the officials of a given tournament unless otherwise decided at a weekly meeting prior to event. Their decisions will be final and conclusive.

1.11.  Rescheduling/cancellation of an event

Sports event will be rescheduled due to bad weather or any other incident, which may prove a hindrance in carrying out the sporting event. The re-scheduled date will be announced at the time of postponement, at a general committee meeting or at a meeting held in this regard. Any objections on re-scheduled dates should be communicated to the President, Vice President or Sports Secretary through the Firm representatives within three (03) days from the announcement of the re-scheduled date, after which time, it will be deemed accepted by all firms. If a new date is not agreed by the member firms concerned, the CA Students’ Society reserves the right to enforce a new date mandatory for all participant teams or cancel the sporting event invalidating the points earned by firms for such event.The Executive Committee of the CA Students’ Society reserves the right to postpone or cancel a sporting event with or without sufficient notice.

1.12.  Replacement of players

Firms will not be allowed to amend or add players to the already submitted Entry Form at the draw.
However consideration will be done under the following circumstances;

  1. If the request is due to the postponement of an event, or
  2. The player concerned has resigned from the firm, or
  3. Any other reasons, in which the CA Students’ Society shall believe to be reasonable.

The Request for the replacement of players should be made in writing and it should be authorized (signed) by a partner. However the replaced player will be allowed to take field only if the number of players in the team is below the minimum required to form a team.

1.13.  Disputes

All complaints should be submitted in writing to the President of the CA Students’ Society with the relevant and sufficient evidences. Any dispute regarding technical rules will be arrived in consultation of the Tournament Officials appointed and the CA Students’ Society. The decision taken by the Executive Committee of the CA Students’ Society will be final and where any Member firm does not comply with the decision taken will not be allowed to participate in that tournament and 05 points willbe deducted from the total earned points.

1.14. Sports Rules

The normal rules pertaining to the relevant sport will be enforced where not specially provided for under each sport. Any dispute regarding a rule will be taken by the Executive Committee of the CA Students’ Society in consultation with the Tournament Officials involved with the tournament.

1.15. Investigations

  • An investigation will be carried out by the Executive Committee of the CA Students’ Society to ascertain breaches of any of the Sports Rules upon a written complaint submitted to the President of the CA Students’ Society within twenty (20) working days from the completion of that sport event. Any complaints made after such period may not be entertained.

  • The CA Students’ Society reserves all rights to call or/and examine any written, verbal and, documentary evidences and investigate any person as a witness to carryout such investigation. If a Firm is called for any evidences, such evidences should be produced within seven (07) days from call. If any Firm has failed to comply with the requirements specified in this paragraph, such Firm will be found guilty for the breach of sports rule/(s) and penalties will be imposed as described in Section 1.16 or may be disqualified from the entire event in concern or both.

1.16.  Penalty

Breach of Sports Rules (after an investigation) would attract penalties as described below.

  1. Cancellation of total points earned by the Firm for that particular sporting event, and
  2. A percentage (%) deduction of the points earned by such Firm for the preceding sporting events, as per the following schedule; and
  3. An amount will be fined as shown in the table below on the instances of breach.
Instance of Breach
Cum %

1st Instance of breach 20% 20%
Rs. 5,000
2nd Instance of breach 30% 50%
Rs. 10,000
3rd Instance of breach 50% 100%
Rs. 15,000

1.17. Responsibility of Firm Representatives

The CA Students’ Society does not update or communicate to any Firm on the decisions taken by the Committee on weekly meetings or any other meetings. The Firm Representatives are responsible to be present at weekly meetings and update the respective Sports Clubs or Member Firms on any decision relevant to the sport events and the calendar. It is the responsibility of the firm representatives who were not present at the meeting to collect the letters from the Sports Secretary and hand it over to his/her respective firm. The decisions so given by the firm representative in relation to any sports matter is deemed to be the decision of the firm’s Sports/Recreation Club.

1.18. Contacts and Specimen Signatures

All the Member firms should submit their relevant contact details and other particulars in the format given in the Appendix 04 prior to commencement of the sports events in their firm’s letterhead.

events for that calendar year


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