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The latest news from the Joomla! Team

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41 Business Level I & II - Application Call - Notice - Jan 2024 - OnDemand
42 CA Sri Lanka expands its presence in the United Kingdom with new overseas chapter
43 228 Graduates Shine at CA Sri Lanka’s SAB Campus 07th Annual Convocation
44 CA Sri Lanka illuminates reporting brilliance at TAGS Awards 2023 as corporates celebrate a night of triumph
45 Changes to the BL 08 - Digital Business Strategy and IT Training pillar
46 CA Sri Lanka’s APFASL highlights the epitome of financial excellence in the public sector at 7th BARA Awards
47 Colombo Stock Exchange renews commitment as Strategic Partner for CA Sri Lanka’s TAGS Awards 2023
48 Over 1000 Accountants and Students join CA Sri Lanka’s spectacular 'Walk the World of Numbers' parade
49 CA Sri Lanka’s Annual Budget Seminar 2024
50 SAB Campus Research Colloquium
51 More than 100 students embark on their academic journey by enrolling in two world-class degrees at CA Sri Lanka's SAB Campus
52 CA Sri Lanka Business School sets the stage for professional excellence with its inaugural MBA intake
53 CA Sri Lanka's Australia Chapter soars high by expanding horizons and uplifting communities
54 Business Level I & II - Computer Based Examination [December 2023]
55 Corporate and Strategic Level - Application Call Extension Notice [December 2023]
56 CA Sri Lanka empowers corporate world by producing 343 new Chartered Accountants
57 Business Communication I - Application Call & Exam Notice
58 Kaleidoscope into the Technical Sessions of CA Sri Lanka’s 44th National Conference
59 CA Sri Lanka produces 58 new Certified Business and Corporate Accountants
60 Business Level I & II - Application Call - Notice (OnDemand)