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The latest news from the Joomla! Team

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801 Overwhelming response for CA Sri Lanka – GIZ seminar on accounting standard for SMEs in Batticaloa
802 President of SAFA and CA Sri Lanka President meets President of Maldives
803 Fast-Track exemption scheme for CA Sri Lanka members and students to complete BSc. in Applied Accounting Degree
804 Importance of greater transparency in public sector impressed at Financial Reporting for Economic Development Conference hosted by CA Sri Lanka
805 CA Sri Lanka workshop to edify professionals on how to improve business with Google Apps
806 Dynamic role played by CA Sri Lanka Training Partners in producing Chartered Accountants comes into focus
807 CA Sri Lanka steers Future Minds 2014 with Gold
808 “CFOs are being increasingly stretched and scrutinized,” Global accounting body CEO tells CA Sri Lanka CFO Forum
809 Overwhelming response for internationally renowned programme on strategic thinking by Duke CE and CA Sri Lanka
810 Over 500 mid-level accountants graduate at CA Sri Lanka’s 2014 CBA convocation
811 CA Sri Lanka hosts Asia and Pacific Accountants Board Meeting
812 CA Sri Lanka Students’ Society President at World Conference on Youth
813 Prof. Mervyn King champions the importance of integrated reporting at CA Sri Lanka – SEC Corporate Directors Programme launch
814 Internationally renowned Prof. Mervyn King at the launch of CA Sri Lanka, SEC Directors Training Programme
815 CA Sri Lanka, SEC to jointly launch Corporate Directors Programme
816 Global accounting body CEO in Colombo for international conference hosted by CA Sri Lanka, CAPA, IFAC and World Bank
817 CA Sri Lanka to focus on CFOs next week
818 International accounting and financial experts in Colombo for financial reporting conference by CAPA, IFAC, World Bank and CA Sri Lanka
819 CA Sri Lanka Training Partners Forum to focus on how to develop a competent professional for 2020 and beyond
820 CA Sri Lanka to host high-level South Asia Conference on Financial Reporting for Economic Development organized by CAPA, IFAC and World Bank