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The latest news from the Joomla! Team

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121 Corporate & Strategic Level Examinations - December 2021
122 Business Communication -1 (CS1) December 2021
123 Corporate & Strategic Level Examination- December 20201 Applications Are Now Accepted
124 CA Sri Lanka submits budget proposals to Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa
125 16 top performers win prizes at CA Sri Lanka’s September Business Level virtual exam
126 Call for Chartered Accountants to build on position of trust and lead on future challenges
127 Registration for Mock Examination - CL 1 , SL 1
128 Technical Glitch Following the Issuance of Results of the September business Level ll Exams
129 CA Sri Lanka launches virtual career guidance sessions to reconnect with students
130 Special Guidance Sessions on Strategic Level SL1 - SL4
131 Business Level I &II Examinations - November 2021
132 CA Sri Lanka exams on track amidst COVID challenges
133 Accountants’ role in helping protect the planet spotlighted at CAPA and CA Sri Lanka’s Accounting Assembly
134 Applications Now Accepted for Physical Exam-01
135 CA Sri Lanka continues to cultivate soft skills of aspiring Chartered Accountants through virtual programmes
136 Head of global accounting body and Blue Planet prize laureate to inaugurate CAPA and CA Sri Lanka assembly on Wednesday
137 20th CAPA Conference and 42nd National Conference of CA Sri Lanka powered by top brands and corporates
138 CA Sri Lanka and CFA Society focuses on effectiveness of independent directors in ensuring good governance
139 Finance Professionals role in promoting SDGs and ESG principles to take centre stage at the largest joint accounting assembly
140 SL5 – Integrated Case Study Assignment -01