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Our qualifications have gained recognition across the globe. The Institute of chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka also revises its syllabus every five years to meet the growing demand in the market and to ensure the qualifications are on par with global standards.


The course structure of the Institute consists of the following three modules:

  • Business Level 1
  • Business Level 2
  • Corporate Level
  • Strategic Level

Each of the above three modules have three pillars as Knowledge, Skills and Personal as mentioned in the below diagram,

Eligibility Criteria

Business Level

  • Registration and renewal paid for the exam applying year.
  • Purchase and collection of relevant study pack
  • Obtain subject exemptions if eligible before applying for the exam.
  • Passed or obtained exemption to Business Communication I (CS1) to be eligible to apply for the Business Level II subjects.
Corporate Level
  • Complete the relevant Business level subject of the same pillar.
  • Renewal paid for the exam applying year.
  • Passed or obtained exemption to Business Communication I (CS1) and Business Communication II (CS2) skill modules.
  • Passed or obtained exemption to Business Information Technology (IT1) module.
  • Purchase and collect the study pack/s for the subject/s applied in the exam.

Strategic Level

  • Complete all the business level I/II subjects.
  • Complete the relevant corporate level subject of the same pillar.
  • Renewal paid for the exam applying year.
  • Passed or obtained exemption to Business Communication I (CS1), Business Communication II (CS2) and Corporate Communication (CS3) skill modules.
  • Passed or obtained exemption to Business Information Technology (IT1) and Corporate Information Technology (IT2) modules.
  • Purchase and collect the study pack/s for the subject/s applied in the exam.
  • Students should complete 220 working days with the minimum number of days specified under each Professional Experience category at Business Level.
  • After passing all the Professional Knowledge course units at Business level Students should complete 220 working days of Professional Experience at Corporate or Strategic Level
SL5-Integrated Case Study - Assignment
  • Renewal paid for the exam applying year.
  • Purchase and collect the study pack.
  • Completion of both corporate (CL1 to CL4) and strategic level (SL1 to SL4) knowledge modules.
  • Completion of all communication modules – CS1/CS2/CS3/CS4
  • Completion of all information technology modules – IT1/IT2/IT3

SL5 – Integrated Case Study
  • Renewal paid for the exam applying year.
  • Completion of SL5 Integrated Case Study – Assignment

Registered students who have paid their annual subscriptions for the current year may sit the examination, provided the eligibility requirements are satisfied.

Applications mode will be either google form or manual application form which will be informed by the exam division for each exam.

Manual applications if permitted, should be sent via register post to:

Director Examinations
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka
30 A, Malalasekera Mawatha, Colombo 7.

The Institute will send an acknowledgment SMS to the applicants whose applications are accepted and for those who have a pending issue will also get a SMS stating the relevant issue.

  1. Business Level I & II Examinations are held in March, June, September, and December
  2. Corporate and Strategic Level Examinations are held in July and December
  3. Case Study Examinations at Strategic level are held twice a year

Examination dates are published in the examination year calendar. You can view it from the Exam Calendar page of the examination web page.

  • Business Level

Candidates are permitted to answer in Sinhala, Tamil or English. Answer for one subject should be in one medium only.

  • Corporate and Strategic Level

Candidates should answer in English only.

  • Answer Scripts

Answer booklets and supplementary booklets printed in different colors will be provided to candidates to answer the examinations.

Yes, candidates are permitted to apply one subject or more than one subject.

If a candidate passes some subjects without completing the examination, those passes will be carried forward.

According to these procedures, there will be no limitation in the number of attempts, to sit an examination.

The Institute does not refund or transfer examination fees under any circumstances.

Examinations held in the centers in following locations.

Examination Name Location
Business Level Colombo, Kandy, Galle, Rathnapura, Kurunegala, Anuradhapura, Jaffna and Kalmunai
Corporate and Strategic Level Colombo, Kandy, Galle, Jaffna, Qatar, Dubai and Maldives.
SL5-Intigrated Case Study Colombo
Business Communication I & II Colombo, Kandy, Kurunegala, Jaffna, Galle

* The candidate should sit the examination at the center and in the hall mentioned in his/her Examination Admission Card.

The Institute publishes the examination results by

  • Displaying detailed results in the Institute's website
  • Sending a letter to each candidate informing his/her detailed results.

Yes, candidates who obtain the highest total marks and who pass the examination at first attempt are eligible for Order of Merit Prizes and Certificates.

Also candidates who obtain highest marks for each subject at their first attempt are eligible for Subject Prize.

Examination Payment Code Physical Overseas Students
Business Level I & II EX01 2,500 7,500
Corporate Level EX02 4,500 10,000
Strategic Level EX03 6,000 12,000
SL5 Assignment EX05 7,000
SL5 Assignment Resubmission EX05 6,000
SL5 Case Study EX05 8,000 15,000
Business Communication I EX07 2,750 7,500
Business Communication II EX13 3,000 8,000

Yes, those who apply after the closing date, an additional 50% is charged up to the late application closing date. Thereafter no late applications will be entertained.

Examination Division

Tel - 011 2352000 Ext. 1017, 1018,1019, 1020, 1024

No candidate will be given index numbers via telephone, email or web inquiry by the Examination Division. Candidates should detach the portion of the admission card with the index number and keep it in safe custody to use to view the results in the web.

No. It is not possible

  • Should I complete all details in the application form?
    All details in the application form must be completed duly. You cannot proceed to make the payment without filling all the fields in the application.
  • What are the requirements to complete the online payment successfully?
    Keep all credit/debit card details such as card no, owner name, validity period, CVV etc. in hand before proceeding to make the online payment
  • How to avoid payment being rejected?
    The bank will use a 5-minute timeout period prior to making a successful payment by entering all required details at the payment gateway. Hence, please ensure to complete all the details including entering the OTP of the payment within the specified duration.
  • Can I make a payment using my debit card?
    Some debit cards need to be authorized by the bank before making online payments. If you get a message indicating that your card is not authorized, please contact your bank.
  • Do I get a digital receipt at the end of a successful payment?
    Yes. The system generated digital receipt is sent to your email address. However please check your spam or junk folder if it is not found in your inbox.
  • What are the recommended browsers?
    Please use latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge for best results.