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The Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka Members’ Benevolent Society was born in December 1983 inspired by a visionary objective of promoting and supporting the welfare of members of both the society and also of CA Sri Lanka.

Boosted by a colourful existence, the Members’ Benevolent Society today enjoys a membership of over 600 members.

The primary objectives of the society is to create a fund in order to assist members and their families who need financial and moral support, promote the general welfare of the members and fellowship among the membership while striving to keep members educated on a wide range of topical subjects important in today’s context.


To be the listening partner in enhancing the financial need, health and other needs of the entire Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka living worldwide.


To become the best Benevolent Society in the island contributing to the fulfillment of the needs of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka.


On 6th December 1983, largely through the untiring efforts of the late Mr. Dayalan S. R. Thamararatnam, the Members’ Benevolent Society (MBS) of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka was born for the purpose of assisting members with financial aid, moral support; promote the general welfare and fellowship among the membership.

Since its birth, the society has today come a long way and plays an integral role in keeping its members and non-members up to date on a range of topical subjects, concerning the Profession, business world, Health, Social awareness etc.

Over the years, the Members’ Benevolent Society has played an integral role in assisting not only its members but also CA Sri Lanka members and their families in need with various financial assistance during the times of sickness and death.

Member Benefits

A minimum contribution (investment) of Rs. 3,000/= from each member is collected annually, invested prudently and the net income revenue is credited to the individual members’ accounts annually.

Members’ annual contributions (investments) are accumulated under members’ personal accounts with yearly interest earned over the period of the membership held. The accumulated amount is finally refunded to the member when requested or paid out to the beneficiary\beneficiaries after the demise of the member.

Member also can obtain an advance against the member’s account balance in times of financial difficulty.

An insurance cover for active members with a death benefit of Rs. 50,000/= for those up to 70 years and Rs. 20,000/= for those between the ages of 70 to 75 years is another benefit of being a member. For members over 75 years, Rs. 15,000/= will be paid by the society.

The Society also pays a death benefit to the family of a deceased member, calculated at the rate of Rs. 200/= per active member.

The society also conducts regular evening lecturers by prominent personnel on diverse topics of interests for the benefit of members covering health, fitness, financial, social awareness, etc, which is followed by fellowship and dinner.

The society organizes many events for the welfare of the membership and their families, such as the annually organized New Year Events and the Members’ Day Outing. Many of these events are free for MBS members and open to CA members and their families at a nominal charge.

The Members’ Benevolent Society also manages the CA Sri Lanka donation fund, evaluation and extending assistance to needy members of the Institute to meet their required medical expenses at times of illness.

Needy member can avail benefits under this scheme for a critical illness up to a maximum of Rs. 200,000/= per occurrence and re-imbursement of medical bills up to Rs. 100,000/= per year as per the donation fund scheme guidelines. (Conditions apply)

How to become a member

To become a member of the Members’ Benevolent Society, an annual contribution (investment) of Rs. 3,000/= has to be made to the society, which will be credited to the contributor’s personal account in the books of MBS as an investment by the particular member, which attracts interest annually.

Application for Membership

Ca Sri Lanka Members' Benevolent Society 2022/23

The President - Mr. ThusharaA.Kariyawasam
Vice President1 - Mr. Badrajith Siriwardena
Vice President2 - Ms. R K Amani Ranaweera
Secretary - Mr.M.Thiyagaraja
Assistant secretary - Ms.Anjalee Abeysinghe
Treasurer - Mr.A L S R Fernando
Assistant Treasurer - Ms.P.K. Nirosha Gayani
Internal Auditor - Mr.L.C.W.Edirisooriya
Editor - Ms.Krishani Karunasena
Immediate Past President - Mr. W D L Dushmantha

Committee Members

  • Mr. C. Kalupahana
  • Mr. B.K.K. Ranasingha
  • Mr. K.S Welivita
  • Mr. J A C P Jayakody
  • Mrs. Biyanka Wanasinghe
  • Mr. Gamini Samarasekara
  • Mr. Nadula Lakmin
  • Mr. N.H.SNavaratna
  • Mr. S.T.M.Ifthikar


Mr. Ruwan Rodrigo - Admin and Finance Officer

Past Presidents

  • Mr. B. K. K. Ranasinghe
  • Mr. D.B. Gamalath
  • Mr. Chandrasiri Kalupahana
  • Dr. G.C.B. Wijesinghe
  • Prof. L.R. Watawala
  • Mr. N.A.L. Cabraal
  • Mr. T. Someswaran
  • Mr. M.A.T.J. Fernando
  • Mr. T.Q. Fernando
  • Mr. Indrajith Fernando
  • Mr. R. Seevaratnam
  • Mr. L.D.A. Jayasinghe
  • Mr. L.P. Liyanaarachchi
  • Mr. Gamini Wimalasuriya
  • Mr. A.R. Rasiah
  • Ms. Hiranthi Ratnayake
  • Mr. M.B.M. Ifthikar
  • Mr. S. Munaweera
  • Mr. Nandasiri Ponnamperuma

Contact Details:

Registered Office: 30A, Malalasekera Mawatha, Colombo 7.
Telephone: 114947969 or 112352000 Ext. 1030, Fax 2352060
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Call Member Relations

T: +94 112 502077