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Canada Chapter

CA Sri Lanka – Canada Chapter

A significant number of members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (‘CA Sri Lanka’) are employed in various industries in ten provinces in Canada. (Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan).

On the request of Chapter Establishment and Engagement Committee President of CA Sri Lanka, few CA members got together and initiated the idea of forming an association of Sri Lankan Chartered Accountants in Canada. As a result, on 6th December,2022 the “CA Sri Lanka - Canada Chapter” was established.

The Chapter was formed to provide support to all CA members residing in Canada to further their knowledge and also provide a forum for sharing their knowledge and experiences of working in Canada. It was also felt that this forum would assist in improving the technical and other skills required by Sri Lankan accounting professionals and also enable them to meet the minimum ‘Continuing Professional Development’ (CPD) requirements as mandated by CA Sri Lanka.

The Chapter currently comprises of around 90 members representing CA Sri Lanka.

The Executive Committee of the Chapter invites all the members living in Canada to get in touch with the Chapter and join the journey to make an impact on the CA Sri Lanka fraternity and the broader community. Any CA Sri Lanka member currently living in Canada is eligible to become a member of the Chapter.

To develop professional competence and integrity of CASL members living in Qatar and Create a unity among them.

Purpose and Objectives of the Chapter:


The purpose of the Chapter is to uplift the professional competence and quality of CA Sri Lanka members residing in Canada while endeavoring to enhance the public image of Sri Lankan Chartered Accountants.


  • To provide facilities for interaction among members through regular meetings and other events which are useful for the members;
  • To make representation to the Members’ Council of the CA Sri Lanka on matters of professional interest in Canada and to offer suggestions for raising the standard and status of the profession.
  • To hold refresher course camps at convenient centers for the benefit of members of CA Sri Lanka, who recently arrived to Canada.
  • To explore feasibilities for professional and placement opportunities in Canada for the members of CA Sri Lanka.
  • To carry out such other objectives as are considered beneficial and in the interest of the members of CA Sri Lanka residing in Canada and the accounting profession in general.
  • To work closely with the Sri Lankan Missions in Canada for the betterment of the Sri Lankan community in Canada and in Sri Lanka as a whole.

The Executive Committee intends to appoint following four committees for specific tasks. Members and broader community of the Chapter will gain various benefits from the activities organized by them. These committees will play a vital role in achieving the objectives of the Chapter.

Canada Chapter contact:

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