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Top officials from ICAEW and Deakin University to visit CA Sri Lanka

As the preferred destination for accounting education in the country, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka) will continue to offer the best of both worlds for aspiring accounting professionals by offering the CA Sri Lanka qualification and other international accounting qualifications via specialised pathways for aspiring accountants.

Students who have successfully completed the GCE Advanced Level exam, and with pending A/L results or a minimum of three simple passes at the exam, can register for the CA Sri Lanka qualification and kick off a lucrative professional journey with the unique ability to also obtain dual qualifications simultaneously from both CA Sri Lanka and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), which is recognised as one of the world’s oldest and prestigious accounting bodies.

Mr. Daniel Westley, Senior International Business Development Manager from ICAEW, will be in Sri Lanka this week to strengthen the relationship between the two accounting bodies, and will also meet with students, including aspiring Chartered Accountants to help them gain a thorough understanding of how they can increase their global demand with the dual qualification from both CA Sri Lanka and ICAEW.

CA Sri Lanka has organised a virtual session for existing and prospective CA students on 23rd March 2022 which will feature Mr. Westley. During the live session, he will clarify doubts and help the participants understand the numerous benefits of obtaining a dual qualification, which will help them enhance their global mobility further.

Students who wish to simultaneously obtain the dual qualification from CA Sri Lanka and ICAEW must complete CA Sri Lanka’s Business Level and Corporate Level, and just two subjects under the Strategic Level which are SL2 Corporate Finance & Risk Management and SL3 Corporate Taxation subjects under the Curriculum 2020, and then follow Corporate Reporting, Strategic Business Management and the Case Study in the ICAEW Advanced Level.

With a dual membership, future Chartered Accountants can expand their horizons and strengthen their position across the globe and enjoy better career progression opportunities.

Meanwhile, Prof. Colin Higgins, Associate Dean: International and Partnerships for the Faculty of Business and Law from Deakin University will meet with CA Sri Lanka officials on 22nd March 2022 to discuss possible avenues of collaborations with CA Sri Lanka for the benefit of students of both institutions and to renew an agreement signed by both CA Sri Lanka and Deakin University.