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CA Sri Lanka’s business level virtual exam attracts over 2000 candidates

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka) attracted over 2000 aspiring Chartered Accountants for its Business Level I & II virtual exams held last month.

A total of 2257 students who are studying to become professional Chartered Accountants registered for the Business Level I & II exam. The exam, which comprised of a total of eight subjects recorded a high attendance with most of the subjects recording a participation percentage ranging from 89% to 91%.

The exam was conducted online for the safety of all the students, due to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic in the country, as physical exams were not allowed by health authorities. CA Sri Lanka put in place stringent security features to prevent malpractices being committed by students. A total of 75 proctors including staff and members of the Institute monitored the students who were sitting for the exams.

A unique feature of the CA Sri Lanka programme is that students who successfully complete each level under the CA curriculum will receive a recognised accounting qualification, which guarantees employability, as the CA Sri Lanka qualifications are recognised in Sri Lanka and also overseas.

Accordingly, students who complete the Business Level exam successfully, will qualify as a Certified Business Accountant (CBA), while students who complete the Corporate Level will qualify as a Certified Corporate Accountant (CCA). The Strategic Level is the third and final level of the CA Sri Lanka professional programme, and students who complete the requirements as per this level will be awarded the benchmark Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA) qualification.

Meanwhile, with the ‘new normal’ becoming the norm, and as more and more work and study related activities and exams are now being conducted online, CA Sri Lanka has joined with People’s Bank and Amana Bank to offer a special loan scheme of up to LKR 150,000 which allows registered students of CA Sri Lanka to purchase laptops on an easy payment scheme.

This initiative was taken by CA Sri Lanka in an effort to assist students to enjoy the diverse range of online services the Institute is currently offering CA students. The online services include online registrations, online exams, online exam paper discussions and mock exams, webinars, access to study packs and various online courses on IT, communication and other soft skill development initiatives.

The CA Sri Lanka globally recognised qualification is open to students from any subject stream who have received a minimum of three simple passes at the GCE Advanced Level exam. The Institute also offers a host of exemptions for recognised qualifications including degrees and professional qualifications.

The objective of the loan scheme is to allow the students to carry out their studies uninterrupted and sit for the online CA exams which will allow them to complete the programme without unnecessary delays. Students who obtain the laptop loan, can settle it within 12, 24, 36 or 48 months.