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CA Sri Lanka launches first ever financial reporting quiz to help enhance knowledge of accounting students

For the first time in the country’s history, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka) will launch a financial reporting quiz with the aim of enhancing the knowledge of aspiring accountants from across the country to ensure the students will have the necessary knowledge on the topic, when they commence their career as professional accountants.

The CA Quiz and Effective Communication Contest which will be held later this year also aims to develop the communication skills of aspiring accounting professionals. The contest will help students who are pursuing Accounting and Finance as a Profession or as an Academic qualification in Sri Lanka develop excellent English communication skills apart from enhancing their knowledge on important topics such as financial reporting.

The contest will be open for CA Sri Lanka students in Public and Non-Public Practice sectors, as well as Students from local universities, other Professional Accounting Bodies in the country and Technical Colleges (of Accounting and Finance qualifications).

President of CA Sri Lanka, Mr. Lasantha Wickremasinghe said that the institute has always been at the forefront in launching landmark initiatives aimed at enhancing the knowledge of the country’s student population while also offering various programmes for the development of the accounting professionals including business leaders.

He said that the contest will provide aspiring accounting professionals including future Chartered Accountants the necessary boost to help harness their knowledge and skills on pertinent subjects which are a mandatory requirement when students’ progress to become professionals. “The CA Quiz and Effective Communication Contest will be an important platform to help students develop their skills and knowledge, so that when they progress as professionals they will have the necessary knowledge, confidence and the required skills to conduct their business without hesitation,” Mr. Wickremasinghe said.

He added that the contest will be an excellent platform to not only put to test the skills of the students but also help develop their communication skills in the English language.

The winners of the Sri Lankan competition will get the opportunity to take part in the Quiz and Elocution Contest organized by the South Asian Federation of Accountants (SAFA) which will be held next year.

Chief Executive Officer of CA Sri Lanka Mr. Aruna Alwis said that as a responsible institute, which is also recognized as a leading tertiary education provider in the country, CA Sri Lanka has been having institute level events such as the best speaker’s contest for students at CA Sri Lanka. “But, we decided to go a step further and open this contest for students from universities as well as other professional bodies apart from students at CA Sri Lanka. It is our national obligation to ensure that accounting students from across the country have the necessary skills and necessary communication ability when they progress from student to professional,” he added.