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Records break at CA Sri Lanka as a large number of students pass 2016 Executive Level with flying colours

Records broke at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka) with a large number of students becoming ‘high achievers’ and a larger percentage of students passing with flying colours the CA Executive Level exam held in September 2016.

A significant number of students excelled at the September exam, after obtaining over 70 marks out of a total of 100 marks. The students who obtained high scores were categorized as ‘high achievers’ of the Executive Level by the institute.

A large number of students attributed their success at the exam specifically to the range of new features and other services offered by the institute such as webinars, revision and past paper discussions as well as the assistance they received from the study packs, along with the support from tuition colleges.

The groundbreaking curriculum has paved the way for increased passed rates, helping thousands of students realise their dreams of becoming globally sought after chartered accountants.

First in order of merit prize, Ridma Thaksara said that apart from the hard work and dedication, his decision to continuously follow the revision sessions organised by CA Sri Lanka, using of study packs offered by CA, watching webinars and following of the lectures at the tuition college, contributed to his success.

“My message to my juniors is that, if you follow the correct path, then you can always achieve success,” he said.

Sawani Nadeesha De Silva, who was ranked as second in order of merit prize said her success was due to her hard work.

“I advise all students, to take advantage of all the facilities provided by CA Sri Lanka, and enhance their knowledge on the subjects. Go for the tuition class, and watch the webinars which is available on the CA Sri Lanka website. Also, the past paper and revision discussions organised by CA was very helpful for me, which allowed me to achieve success,” she said.

Third in order of merit prize, Ishara Sandaruwan said that being adjudged as one of the top three at the Executive Level exam was a great achievement for him. “I am grateful to CA Sri Lanka for organizing the revision sessions, and webinars, as well as the tuition college for the support provided to me, which helped me in my study as I work towards becoming a globally recognized chartered accountant,” he said.

CA Sri Lanka President Mr. Lasantha Wickremasinghe said that the institute was taking every effort necessary to continuously enhance the quality of its benchmark qualification by regularly developing and updating the education process and examination process as well as the training component. “We are also focusing on bringing in modern examination methodologies, along with updating our training structured to develop a core group of exceptionally talented students, who will go on to become professional,” Mr. Wickremasinghe said,

CA Sri Lanka Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Aruna Alwis said that the CA Sri Lanka curriculum addresses important areas, such as enhanced interpersonal, communication and IT skills, which will help produce holistic professionals who will steer businesses across multiple sectors, along with their technical know-how which Chartered Accountants are well known for.