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CA Sri Lanka Business School unveils innovative Executive Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma for junior and senior executives

In remaining relevant amidst increasing challenges in the corporate world,  the Business School of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka) unveiled it’s newly revamped Executive Diploma in Accounting, Business & Strategy, and the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Finance & Strategy.

The two programmes which takes on a progressive learning methodology, aims to develop junior and senior executives, helping them progress towards leadership positions in an effort to transform, and sustain successful organisations in Sri Lanka and overseas.

The Executive Diploma has been identified as an ideal programme for ambitious young executives who aspire to progress in the field of business studies. The programme provides a foundation in the core areas of accounting, business and strategy, helping young corporate executives take on business challenges, while also making informed decisions at mid management level.

The Postgraduate Diploma has been developed to equip senior executives with the necessary advanced knowledge to be successful managers and leaders. The programme enhances the knowledge, skills and competencies of executives in key functional areas of management, which allows them to apply their knowledge to drive their organisations toward greater growth.

President of CA Sri Lanka, Mr. Lasantha Wickremasinghe said that it is important to remain progressive in today’s exceedingly complex and fast changing world, where not only students but even professionals have to keep abreast of the constantly changing trends to remain relevant.

He said that offering the best of recognized qualifications pertinent to today’s business world remains on the highest agenda of the institute, and hence steps have been taken to revamp the Postgraduate Diploma and Executive Diploma programmes and re-introduce them with a relevant and innovative curriculum for the progression of the country’s professionals.

“The ultimate aim of this new revised syllabus is to produce a unique breed of professionals who will give leadership to businesses, ensuring their success and sustenance on the long run,” Mr. Wickremasinghe said.

He said that as much as a country needed to progress, so does a profession and its professionals. “Hence timely curriculum changes are required to keep up with market changes and needs,” he added.